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Welcome to our little home on the internet!


Here you can meet the border collies and sheep...

Although my site hosting has changed a few times I still intend to rebuild the current one here to incorporate what I can as time allows.

I currently have no litters planned but it is possible I may know other matings in the pipeline and I’m always happy to help if I can.


There have been very few litters over the last 20 years as I prefer to wait until I intend to keep something myself.

Should you wish to contact me you can drop me an email


A little bit of background


As a family we had always had a border collie, with the first pup arriving when I was 5 years old. She was an unregistered female pup, golden and white (now known as E-red in the UK), and was from a local farm. Others arrived in the years that followed, mostly rescues who had some rather quirky behaviours(!), but all were amazing companions. Having always been very active in outdoor activities they made the perfect companions for training. I’ve taken part in a variety of disciplines over the years and I’m honoured to have had these amazing dogs as my buddies along the way.

I obtained my UK Kennel Club affix ‘KAELEON’ in 2003. ‘KAELEON’ is an anagram of a few letters of my Christian name and the name ‘LEO’, who was my first KC registered border collie purchased from Norfolk in 1999. I had started training as a veterinary nurse on leaving school and it sparked an interest in health testing. This interest drove me to want to know more about the background of any border collies I may go on to purchase for training and working. I love learning about pedigrees and I was amongst the first group of breeders in the UK to run the DNA CEA test, quickly followed by NCL and TNS when Dr Alan Wilton made the testing available in Australia. DNA testing is now widely available internationally for a growing number of new diseases and predispositions.


The border collie is a wonderful breed and I'm grateful to the breeders who allowed me to have a pup from them. Without them, none of the dogs I have now, or have had, would be here today.


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