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Locheil Time For A Change at Kaeleon AW(S)



Sire: Fin Ch JK1 BH Pikkupaimenen Fair Play

Dam: Locheil Mustang Sally


Dam: 12.12.03 - 21.09.2017

Blue & white bitch

Breeder: Heather Turner

Owner: Karen Gaylard


Passed puppy eye test and BAER-hearing test

DNA tested CEA DNA genetically clear/normal DNA tested CL genetically clear/normal

DNA tested TNS carrier

Hip score 4:3 14/01/2005

BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme certificate renewed 05/10/2006

As soon as I saw her early puppy pics I knew I wanted her. The earliest photos show her striding across the puppy pen with such purpose, she completely captured my heart. So feisty, determined and enthusiastic about everything she did. A real tom-boy in every sense. In her early weeks of puppy training she amazed me with the speed she learn. Her blue pigment was strong, rich and dark with eyes almost hazel in colour. Her personality and working drive was immense. Haze initially qualified in breed for Crufts 2005 at her first champ show, with 2 Firsts, winning both Puppy Bitch and Junior Bitch at The North West Border Collie Club Championship Show under judge, Joyce Collis. This also qualified her for the Border Collie Club of Great Britain's Pup of the Year 2005. She then continued her success by qualifying for Crufts 2006 at her first Champ of this year at the Manchester Dog Show by again winning two classes, both Junior Bitch and Special Yearling bitch, under judge,
Sue Large.


She went on to start her competitive agility career aged 18 months in 2005 happily working Novice and Intermediate agility courses with many placings in both categories, including a 5th in Intermediate agility in July 05. Her First Trophy place came in Aug 05 at the Kennel Club International Festival with a 3rd in Novice Jumping. There were many other places throughout the remainder of the summer agility season - all of this in just her first 3 months of competition aged between 18 and 20 months old. She gained her AW Silver. Haze didn't begin training on sheep until 2005, but was instantly keen. She was an amazing lady and I worshiped her completely. A dog that could read your mind. Haze's father Jouko, Fin Ch. Pikkupaimenen Fair Play, who sadly passed away Spring 2008, competed in agility, tracking and obedience and passed his Finnish character test. Haze's mum Sally featured on Monarch Of The Glen as the Crofter's collie.


Haze finished competing in agility at Grade 6 with two wins towards Grade 7 after winning two 6/7 classes, (both on the same day, in rings next door to each other).


We used the DNA TNS test as soon as it became available on our dogs and Haze tested as a TNS carrier, when she was already in whelp with her second litter. The previous litter owners were contacted and advised. Her new-born pups in the second litter were swabbed and tested at 2 days old so that their status was known before homing.


Haze enjoyed her more mature years here with us before finally growing her wings on 21-09-2017

Thank you to Heather Turner for letting Haze come live with us.

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