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dob 18-04-99 - 25.03.14    Black & white dog

Passed BAER hearing and litter eye screening at 6.5 weeks
Hip score 5:6  15.01.2002
BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme: Unaffected Renewed 05/10/2006
DNA tested CEA clear/normal
DNA tested CL clear/normal
DNA tested TNS clear/normal

Breeder: Sara Carver
Owner: Karen Gaylard

When I chose Leo as a pup I was looking for temperament, health and working drive and he has more than lived up to my expectations. He is keen, affectionate, highly trainable and has a great zest for life along with a beautiful nature.  Leo has an all-English pedigree containing some of my favourite old lines. Leo worked Senior and had 1 win towards Advanced agility with an Intermediate win (when I hadn't even walked the course).  

A terrible accident happened in 2003 which kept Leo out for a full year. He had ran into a gate sideways at full speed. It was awful. The first vet thought he had a partial cruciate rupture and I was told to return him home with some painkillers and come back 7 days later. My gut feeling was telling me it was a hip joint out but I doubted my judgement and said nothing. So seven days later we returned. He was re examined by a second vet and found to have exactly what I believed - disloclated hip caused by the impact of hitting the gate. Never, never again will I distrust my own gut feeling. He had his hip replaced manually with brute strength under GA but it only just went in. It took 6 months rehab to get him sound and another six months to build up the muscle and get him fit. But I would take no shortcuts. The good hip score that he had was not necessarily going to be enough to hold everything in place. Certainly not until the muscle had strengthened. Especially as 7 days of a dislocated leg had made the hip muscles really lax.

He got there in the end. But I will always feel he missed the best competitive years of his life. In his old age he has remained sound and full of bounce and I will never regret taking plenty of time to rehabilitate him. He later continued to work senior then at Grade 6 when the new levels were introduced, later moving into Allsorts and low height classes at around 10 years old. The AW scheme started too late for him but he did achieve B before moving out of standard classes. He has spent time on sheep and has been the sire of healthy, bold, nicely marked litters with excellent, trainable temperaments. He is an amazing dog and I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to have him in my life.

He remained the senior gent of the house and thoroughly enjoyed his mature years until we had to make the difficult decision to let him go on 25th April 2014, just 3 weeks short of his 15 birthday. He was an amazing dog to work and train and I feel honoured to have had him in my life.