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Locheil Nordic Lights over Kaeleon (SB No.)



Pikkupaimenen Forget Me Not at Locheil x

Locheil Madonna

Pedigree tba

05.12.04 - 07.11.18

Black & white bitch

Breeder: Heather Turner

Owner: Karen Gaylard

CEA DNA genetically normal/clear by parentage

TNS DNA tested clear/normal

Clear BVA adult eye certificate as of 05.10.06

Hip score: 3:9

BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme Unaffected 05/10/2006

Diva my little clown :) I do not think I can imagine life without her. Always playing the fool :) Life without her about would be very dull indeed. In May 2008 she gained her Stud Book Number after getting a 2nd in Limit Bitch at the East Anglian Border Collie Club Champ Show. Diva loves agility and went clear at her second show. Her sire Junno appeared in the TV series Jess The Sheepdog. In 2007 she had a litter to Sh Ch Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender at Locheil (Cruise). We would have loved to have had another litter from her but as we don't breed very often, it meant time ran out and she was 8 years old all too soon. She was spayed & enjoyed her older years while continuing to play the fool :)


On 7th November 2018 it was time to say goodbye, just a month short of her 14th birthday. Already struggling with arthritis, Diva began over the course of 3 days, suffering from increased breathlessness. A small nodule was felt in her lymphnodes making us suspect something may well have spread to her lungs. The kindest thing was to let her go. Run free my comedy girl Xx


Thank you to Heather Turner for letting Diva come to live with us.

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