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Kaeleon Sunrise AW(S)



Tosari Baroque of Kaeleon AW(B) x

Locheil Time For A Change at Kaeleon AW(S)


 21.03.07 - 22.11.21

Black tricolour bitch

Breeder/Owner: Karen Gaylard


CEA DNA genetically clear/normal by parentage

CL DNA genetically clear/normal by parentage

TNS DNA tested clear/normal

Passed puppy eye test and BAER-hearing test at 6 weeks

Never xrayed for hip scoring



Grade 5 with one win to G6 with limited competitions.

AW(S) despite measuring into large (at just 43.5cm) she was happily working and placing when due to health reasons I could no longer run. We later discovered during routine surgery to remove a grass seed seed from her larynx, that she had a congenital unilateral hypoplasia of the soft palate.

It never effected her health and was mild enough to not require surgery.

In her vintage years she had stage 2 kidney failure which was corrected successfully with a renal diet, taking her out of stage 2 and back into normal ranges. She had almost two years living well until she went down hill over the course of 48 hours. Blood tests showed raised liver and pancreatic enzymes and whilst she was home awaiting more bloods she became jaundiced & sadly it was time to let her go.

Sleep well my little bright light xxx

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