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13 APR, 2024


Spring has sprung and with it some mixed news.

Kian, Kaeleon Heatwave sadly passed on 15 February just short of his 14th birthday and he leaves a huge gap in the house. I will cherish every memory of us training together, competing and just generaly going for walks and exploring the countryside as a beloved companion, right through to the days when Kian's time had come and the decision to say goodbye had to be made.


Litter brothers here now 5 years old Finn, Kaeleon Pikku Caerulean and Pal, Kaeleon Pikku Palamino, both DNA tested clear of GGD on 02 March via Laboklin. Having knowingly used a sire who was GGD carrier it was an DNA test I'd been planning to do.


Thank you to everyone who made contact to acknowledge Kian's passing. It means so, so much xxx 

29 DEC, 2023


Sending winter wishes from us to all our friends. Hoping 2024 is a happy, healthy and prosperous one for you.

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