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Updated 19th February 2021


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19.02.21  Welcome to 2021!  It's likely this page will migrate to another area with the provider, or another host at some point.  So if there are any gaps or errors in links, or quirks in menus, or news, please bare with us.  We are still here though - and Sprite is doing amazing well :)


18.12.20  Seems the website provider has made changes to functionality. Some pics have disappeared, layout//menu/fonts have changed in places and apps like visitor counter and rolling text have gone too. Am slowly tidying up, so apologies if anything's looking odd. Meanwhile, Sprite has improved on her renal diet after further tests indicated she was at stage 2 kidney failure. She's doing really, really well now. A challenging year for all - So. Merry Christmas and let's hope 2021 is better for everyone.


06.09.20    Pal's hips score is back, 4:5 - 9


24.08.20    2020 hasn't been the best year for understandable reasons and has also seen another very much loved dog leave us, with Marg and Steve very sadly loosing Harvey on June 11th. Hard to believe he's not here anymore. Sleep well big man. Sadly Sprite has recently been diagnosed with renal failure, somewhere between stage 2 and 3. Another test is due shortly to determine where she falls between 2 and 3. Meantime she's being managed on a renal diet. Some good news though - after submitting hip imaging for Finn and Pal back in early March prior to  , we now have had Finn's back as 4:5. Pal's disk with imaging on was unreadable so has been resubmitted and is due to be looked at when the panel next sit on 26 Aug ....


03.04.20    On 11.03.2020, just a few weeks after her 14th birthday, we lost Flare and unbelievably we then lost Cara, her litter sister, 5 days later on 16.03.20. We never imagined we loose our girls so close together. Sleep well girls and thank you for the memories.



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