How we rear our pups 

Our pups are reared with love & care. Their well being & that of the dam is of utmost importance to us.

Bitches & pups remain in the house, firstly in a quiet place for the first 2 weeks after whelping, usually upstairs in a bedroom, before moving downstairs to a large pen where they experience the noise of the house.

Visitors are welcome to visit when the pups are 3 or 4 weeks old.  We welcome multiple visits if prospective owners are close enough to do this.

The dam is never shut in with her pups unless she wishes to be & instead is allowed to come & go. Weather permitting the pups will start short supervised visits in the garden.

Pups & dam are  wormed at 2, 4, 6 & 8 weeks old. We wean the pups onto super premium high quality food & start this process once all the pups eyes are open, with the dam still feeding them herself upto around six weeks old.

We do not allow pups to leave at 6 weeks old so please do not ask us to do this.  Weeks 6 to 8 are an important time to learn interaction & manners from the dam & other sibblings. Pups can leave us at 8 weeks old or a day or two after.


Health tests

Our matings are chosen between hip scored & DNA tested dogs or dogs clear by parentage.

All our pups are additionally litter eye screened & BAER hearing tested at approximately 6 weeks old.

Our adult dogs also have any further relevant heatlh tests.

If a dog is missing health test results on their page, it means the dog has not yet been tested or the result is not known.

* Due to a severe Parvo outbreak, with infected dogs being admitted to the vets carrying out litter eye screening & BAER hearing tests (in North Wales), litter 6 (Harvey x Fizz) were not BAER tested or litter eye screened  *


Homing our pups

We home where owners are already experienced with BCs and genuinely committed to training.    

Our pups are not suitable for first-time dog owners, or, for someone who just wants a pet to walk in the local park, if that is all you wish to do, then there are other breeds that will suit you better.  

We will not allow puppies to go to homes where they will be left all day without provision being made for play, feeding and social interaction.    

In the event that an owner is no longer able to keep the puppy at any time in its life, they must return it to us or contact us to assist in its re-homing.    

We understand that prospective owners living a large distance from us may find it difficult to visit, but we do expect you to come and pick your puppy up.    

Endorsements: Our pups are endorsed not to be bred from and paperwork will state that progeny cannot be registered with the KC. However we can lift this endorsement following any necessary further adult health tests, provided the dog/bitch proves otherwise suitable to breed from.    

We prefer not to export. The only exception to this being when we already know a lot about the home, have already met the prospective new owner and have been in communication with them for at least 2 years. Hence, all KC paperwork is endorsed Not For Export




Litters planned: Nothing at this time



Our previous litter was born 18 - 19 Dec 2018


Maeve X Harvey




Maeve safely whelped 7 puppies between 11:10pm 18.12.18, and 11:35am 19.12.18


*** All pups are now in their new homes ***


1 x Blue/white boy

2 x Black/white boys

1 x Lilac/white boy

2 x Red/white girls

1 x Black/white girl


This mating is a COI of 7.4% over 18 generations

pedigree screen grab 48418700_10155933392416272_8235066153278373888_n 48414182_10155933327766272_1821671354525548544_n