Kaeleon Sunrise AW(S)



Tosari Baroque of Kaeleon x Locheil Time For A Change at Kaeleon


dob 21.03.07  Black tricolour bitch

Breeder/Owner: Karen Gaylard


CEA DNA genetically clear/normal by parentage

CL DNA genetically clear/normal by parentage

TNS DNA tested clear/normal

Passed puppy eye test and BAER-hearing test at 6 weeks

Never xrayed for hip scoring



She is petite, feisty and determined.  Grade 5 with one win to G6. AW(S)

Despite only just mesuring into large she was happily working and placing in Grade 3, until the end of 2011 when, due to health reasons I could no longer run. By then I had had her spayed to avoid seasons during the agility calendar. It seemed to make sense as we had Flare, her older sister, to breed from.

We later discovered during routine surgery to remove a foreign body from her larynx, that she had a congenital unilateral hypoplasia of the soft palate.

It in no way effects her and mild enough to not require surgery.



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