Kaeleon Summer Wish




Tosari Baroque of Kaeleon x Locheil Time For A Change at Kaeleon


dob 21.03.07  Black and white bitch


CEA DNA genetically clear/normal by parentage

CL DNA genetically clear/normal by parentage

TNS DNA tested carrier

Passed puppy eye test and BAER-hearing test at 6 weeks

Hip score 7:3

BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme: Unaffected 12/02/2009



Cassie lives with Marg and Steve (Dancaroo) in North Wales and along with her older sister Roxy.

She has the most amazing, sweet temperament & is the dam of Margaret & Steve's first Dancaroo litter.

I was happy to lift the endorsement on her breeding restrictions as all Cassie's puppies were TNS tested whilst still within the litter and a choice could be made on selection on which to keep.

Marg kept two TNS clear pups, a male, Harvey and a female, Lexie.


Harvey went on to be the sire of our 'Star' litter to Fizz (K.Showbiz)

LeoxHaze_pedigree cass2.jpg image002