Kaeleon Pikku Caerulean



(Dancaroo's Harvest Moon  X  Kaeleon Aurora)


dob 18.12.18  Blue and white dog

Carries tri


CEA /CL/TNS/MDR1/SN and IGS DNA clear/normal by parentage

Passed BAER hearing 6.5 weeks

BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme 4/5 = 9 (05/08/2020)

GGD/Glau DNA test not yet done (Sire tested as a carrier, dam tested clear)


Breeders/Owners: Karen Gaylard, Margaret Gore and Teresa Turner    


Finn is from Maeve's second and final litter.


IMG_2300 Finn 19 months_1 IMG_1988_2 IMG_1492_1 67501214_10156374809756272_8457752403620397056_o_1 IMG_1964_1 IMG_1981_2 IMG_1591_1 IMG_1611_1 IMG_1584_1 IMG_0991_Finn_1 IMG_0980_Finn_1 60427593_1 60359587_1 IMG_0054_1 IMG_0059_1 IMG_0050_1 IMG_0497_1 IMG_0488_1