dob 21.03.06 Black & white bitch

CEA DNA genetically clear/normal by parentage
CL DNA genetically clear/normal by parentage
Passed puppy eye test and BAER-hearing test at 6 weeks
TNS DNA tested carrier
Hip score 3:2

This little girl was just destined to stay in our lives. This is Cara (the naming meaning friend in gaelic) and she is the litter sister to our Flare.

We had been thinking of keeping a dog pup in partnership, had there been any dog pups(!),but as the litter was all girls, the question was do we keep another girl? Well yes! Of course! And we had to keep Cara. She shows all the qualities I saw in her mum Haze at the same age and I was reluctant to let her go. Thanks mum for helping me choose this little lady to stay with us! Cara was originally put into dual ownership with myself and Mum as we may have bred from her. Her hip score was lovely and low at 3:2, but when Cara later tested as a TNS carrier via Haze we decided to have her spayed as her sister Flare tested TNS clear and also hip scored low at 3:3. Cara is an absolute rocket and can turn on a sixpence.