For me the opportunity to be around livestock was only a few weeks in school holidays. Every collie I've owned has contributed in some way to undertanding their behaviour. I rode borrowed & loaned horses as a child until my heart horse arrived when I was 13, a Welsh section B X Section C dun mare who I later lost when she was a great age. I've been kicked, bitten and suffered enough bruises to feel the pain but never once blamed the animal.


My grandmother was from Ireland, a small village called Carlingford, on the edge of Carlingford Loch, County Louth. Mixed livestock flocks of cattle and sheep where kept along with keeping employment in another trade. My grandfather and his father were from Northumberland. My first Border Collie pup arrived around 40 years ago, a golden and white bitch from a local sheep farmer in Hertfordshire. The pup was an unpapered little lady and unpopular with the farmer because of her colour.  This was 1977. In the late 1980s whilst training as a veterinary nurse I became interested in border collie health and remain so now today. More border collies were destined to enter our lives: Sam, Dublin, Shannon - who I lost 2 weeks later,  then Joe arrived. All needed homing as adults as they were no longer in the 'right' environments.


In 2003 I registered the affix KAELEON - a combination of letters from my first and middle name (Louise)


In 2011 the affix ownership gained two additions, Margaret Gore an owner, co-owner and wonderful friend, and Teresa Turner my mother. It just seemed such a natural progression to make. Between us we always have lots of news to share. No decision is made without us talking to one another.




KAELEON (Karen Gaylard, Margaret Gore and Teresa Turner)


Kaeleon was initally registered as a KC affix in my name Karen Gaylard in 2003

It gained two new additions during 2011, Margaret Gore & Teresa Turner