Updated!! 24.08.2020

24.08.20 Sadly 2020 has seen us loose some of our dear oldies. Having already had Marg and Steve loose Fizz, then us here loose Flare and Cara, June incredibly then saw Marg and Steve loose Harvey. Very sad times. Sleep well big man.

Sprite here with us is sadly in stage 2 to 3 Renal disease with a further test awaiting to determine a little more info as to where exactly she falls between 2 and 3. Some lighter news, after submitting hip imaging for the young boys Pal and Finn in early March prior to lock down, Finn's have this month returned as 4:5 =9 and Pal's are due to be assessed on Aug 26 as his disk with imaging wasn't readable and needed resubmitting...

03.04.20 On 11.03.2020, just a few weeks arfter her 14th birthday we lost Flare and unbelievably we then lost Cara, her litter sister, just 5 days later on 16.03.2020. We never iimagined we's loose our girls so close together. Sleep well girls and thank you for the memories.

29.02.20 On 18.01.2020 time had sadly caught up with Fizz and she slipped away a couple of weeks after her 13th birthday. Sleep well beautiful one.

22.11.19 Updated photos on Finn and Pal's pages

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