--- Updated 20.12.18 ---

20.12.18 See our current litter , 7 puppies whelped on 18.12.18

25.10.18 Maeve's been mated to Harvey

06.07.18 Updated results for MDR1 SN IGS & Glaucoma on Harvey's, Maeve's and the Planned litter page.

08.06.18 Updated Planned litter page

01.06.18 Updated page for Dancaroo's Harvest Moon, Locheil Time For A Change at Kaeleon AW(S) and Kaeleon Third Time Lucky

24.05.18 Updated text on the page for Kaeleon Summer Wish

14.05.18 Updated text on the page for Kaeleon Heatwave AW(S)

11.05.18 Updated page for our Sheep and Kaeleon Candy Paws

27.04.18 Photos and text added for Kaeleon Eternal Flame

27.04.18 Photos added for Kaeleon Aurora AW(S)

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